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The ultimate timber protection.

All Intergrain products have been designed to protect the natural beauty of timber and formulated to deliver superior durability. 

These Intergrain products have been used on ‘Shutter House’ by Baber Architects.

Ultra Deck
  • Formulated to protect against UV abrasion and the extremes of weather

  • Australia’s most advanced timber protection formulation

  • Guaranteed to never flake, blister or peel

  • Lasts up to three times longer than traditional decking oils

Ultra Clear
  • A hard-wearing water based interior clear with UV absorbers

  • Non-yellowing or darkening formulation

  • Can be tinted to create a ‘one step’ stain and varnish with inbuilt top coat

  • Available in Gloss or Satin

For the premium protection of Shutter House's expansive use of timber, Baber specified UltraDeck externally and Intergrain UltraClear internally. 

Intergrain products are widely specified by industry professionals for commercial and residential projects. 

As was the case for ‘Shutter House’, a residential timber masterpiece designed by Baber Architects.

Receiving national acclaim for its design, the original back wall of Shutter House was removed and the interior was refitted using seamless timber flooring and clever openings, blurring the indoor-outdoor divide and reinventing the function of the house.

While the project started out as what architect Kim Baber describes as a “pretty common brief”, it turned into a remarkable response, truly celebrating the innovative use of timber as a natural element in residential design. 

With plenty of outdoor space, one philosophy of Baber Studio is to keep backyards intact. Bucking the trend of burgeoning houses that grow into every spare corner of the block, they are mindful of creating functional, easy-to-maintain outdoor spaces, keeping as much greenery around the home as possible. 

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