2015 Winners

Commendation: Australian Grains Genebank (AGG

Architect: H20 Architects

Location: VIC

The Australian Grains Genebank (AGG) is a national seed storage bank for the Victorian Department of Environment and Primary Industries.  At the facility’s heart are three freezers accommodating at least 200,000 seed accessions from around Australia and the world within 2.7 kilometres of compactus shelving storage, programmed for a freezing environment of minus 20 degrees Celsius.  An innovative double skin freezer design has an inner ‘esky’ box of insulated panels, contained within an outer timber clad weather protecting layer, both layers sandwiching and separated by a thermally stabilising air pillow.  The external western red cedar cladding of the building, and the growing landscaping, will eventually blend the building into the wetlands and surrounding Wimmera plains.