2014 Winners

Commendation: Balmain House

Architect: Fox Johnson

Location: NSW

Recognised for its clever design integrating the new space into the original building, the house provides simple, functional, private and light-filled living spaces perfect for a young family.  The material palette is simple, natural and textual with timber used as the unifying material throughout to express the architectural intention and idea of the project. The timber provides both the warmth and texture whilst allowing the versatility to create abstract and crafted shapes.

Commendation: Eltham South Blairgowrie

Architect: Wolveridge Architects

Location: VIC

Conceived for a young family, with the aim to construct a private beach home that evoked childhood memories and provided a place to escape urban life, this residential project has overcome design challenges inside and out.  A hard, robust interior features wood in unexpected places throughout, with the complementary fine detailing and colour choices making the project work.