2013 Winners

Commendation: HOUSE house

Architect: Andrew Maynard Architects

Location: VIC

The House House Project uses timber to bring domestic warmth to the inside of the Victorian terrace, with attention to detail throughout. There is an effective reuse of existing materials, such as existing pine boards which are beautifully offset against the new flooring. The architect is to be commended on the selective use of timber, used for effect but not overpowering the space.

Commendation: Fairhaven Residence

Architect: John Wardle Architects

Location: VIC

This Fairhaven (VIC) beach house followed a design process akin to scenography, bringing together sensory and spatial experiences to frame the theatre of inhabitation within. The interior of the house is completely lined in blackbutt timber; an immersive and beautiful use of this particular species. The recycled stringy bark kitchen island, and the timber furniture which was specifically designed for the house, is an impressive feature showcasing the architect as a master craftsman.