What is weathering and how do I skip it?

There is a common misconception that new timber decking needs to be coated immediately- this is 100% incorrect. New timber is full of tannins and oils, which need to be removed from the surface before any decking oil or stain can be applied. If not properly removed from the timber, tannins and oils can cause a patchy appearance, and will compromise the longevity of a coating by affecting its absorption and adhesion to the timber. Option 1 – Traditional Weathering • Wait 4-6 weeks for the timber to weather. Making sure surface is hosed down every couple of days where regular rain is absent. • Clean with Intergrain Reviva • Allow to dry • Finish with UltraDeck. Option 2 – Skip Weathering • PowerPrep allows you to skip the 4-6 week weathering process for new bare timber • A deck can go from brand new, bare timber to fully finished in one day • Intergrain PowerPrep MUST always be followed by Intergrain Reviva to remove any remaining contaminants and residue to bring timber back to its natural colour • Once the timber is dry, the deck is ready to finish. How do I use Intergrain PowerPrep? 1. Apply Intergrain PowerPrep undiluted to the timber using a stiff bristle broom 2. Leave for 10-15 minutes but do not allow it to dry on the surface 3. Scrub with a stiff bristle broom 4. Rinse off thoroughly using a normal garden hose 5. Repeat the above process with Intergrain Reviva, leave timber to dry 6. Apply oil or stain as per label instructions