Water Whitening. What is it? What Do I do?

Water Whitening is a phenomenon which occurs when moisture or water comes into contact with a water based decking oil that has not fully cured. Usually this happens when it rains shortly after finishing the deck, however a particularly dewy evening can cause whitening on the decking surface. Water whitening can appear in patches, spots or, in occasional cases, across the entire deck. The only ill effect of Water Whitening is that fact that it is unsightly. It is a visual effect only and in no way effects the longevity or durability of the finish applied. Once the sun hits the deck, this appearance will usually go away, as the exposure removes moisture trapped in the coating or on the surface. Some decking oils can take 7 days to fully cure. While it is unusual for Water Whitening to persist for more than 24 hours after coating, it can occur during the entire curing process, depending on the conditions. If you’re concerned about the look, or are unsure if Water Whitening has occurred, there are a couple of remeidies you can try. Apply warm air to a small effected area using a hair dryer or similar. Be sure not to get too close to the surface, staying at least 15cm away. If you’re experiencing Water Whitening, the appearance should disappear reasonably quickly. In this instance, a little patience will be required as your deck continues and dry and eventually fully cure. Please call us on 1800 630 285 if the appearance continues after the above testing method. We’ll need to ask you a few more questions to help you rectify your deck.